A customized shell for Git

If you are working with Git heavily like me you probably want a customized shell.

Why Do I Think You Need One

It lets you know exactly where you stand without typing anything.

It saves you time typing git branch to know what is the correct branch. It let's you know how many files are uncommitted/added, what revision are you looking at and much more.

If it saves you time you should probably use it. Because if it does it allows you to focus on what's important - your product.

For Bash

git-sh is the best customized shell I have found for bash.

First of all it turns all git commands and aliases to top level commands which saves you from typing git all the time.

It has bash completion built-in.

It has a nice customizable prompt that allows you to display any relevant information you need about your repository.

Installing it is very easy. Open the terminal and type:

To activate it type git sh and cd into your repository (if it's not your working directory yet).

For Powershell

Posh-Git takes a different approach. It only customizes the prompt. However, it provides almost anything that git-sh provides besides turning the git commands and aliases to top level commands and there seems to be a discussion to do just that.

To install it use chocolatey:

And restart the shell.

Note that if you want to install Posh-Hg as well you'd have to install the Posh-Git-Hg package instead.

Happy hacking everyone :)