Distribute Is Now Merged Back To Setuptools

As of Setuptools 0.7 Distribute is now merged back into Setuptools. The new king is dead - Long live the old king. I know it's the other way around usually but hey haven't you watched episode 9 of Game of Thrones (Spoiler Alert)?

This means that you should remove Distribute if you have it installed already and you probably do. 

You can find the instructions to do so here but I have encountered some problems during the process so I'll share my solution here.

Step 1 - Remove Distribute

You have to remove all Distribute versions that were already installed on all Python versions across the system.

To do so simply type:  

Step 2 - Upgrade Setuptools

You want to install Setuptools 0.7 and above for all Python versions.

To do so type: 

Step 3 - Reinstall pip

It might be necessary to reinstall pip. After upgrading on my machine pip stopped working.  It seems that there is an active pull request that obsoletes this step. The awesome developers that work on pip are attempting to resolve this.

In the meanwhile type: 

Step 4 - Install Distribute 0.7.x

I know I just said distribute is deprecated but some python packages still depend on it. Setuptools provides a compatibility layer that redirects all distribute calls to Setuptools.

Make sure you install Distribute 0.7.x after  you install Setuptools or you'll have trouble.

To install Distribute 0.7.x type: 

Step 5 (Optional) - Upgrade Tox

Tox 1.5.0 will now use Setuptools 0.7.x by default instead of Distribute. I filed the issue. You're welcome.

If you are using Tox it is strongly advised to upgrade. If you are not using Tox you can skip this step.

To do so type: 

All done. 

Goodbye Distribute. You won't be missed anymore. 

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